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“Weaving through life and career I noticed threads that tied everything together, like concern for the environment, human and animal rights and holistic wellbeing. These threads that have formed my life have been constants
living in my heart and soul allowing me
to live in my true essence.”

“Once the desire to be an agent of change is ignited it can never be stifled.
In fact when nurtured with love and care it is the most rewording life lived.”

Mara Schiavetti


 MARA SCHIAVETTI’S career as a hair stylist and make up artist began in her hometown of Melbourne Australia, but it wasn’t till she began living in NYC in the mid nineties that she began vigorously purging her hair and make up kit of toxic commercial beauty products.
The research and testing started an exciting journey toward the science and technology of pure and organic plant based formulas.

Mara has traveled the globe working with celebrated photographers, stylists, editors, models, artists and actors. Her notable clients are amongst the worlds most famous faces,
from Nicole Kidman to Gerard Butler.
Along with high fashion magazines such as French and British Vogue.
Read more in her resume


 Curated by Mara Schiavetti A Green Beauty is an environmentally conscious web publication thats focus is promoting ethical and sustainable culture, holistic health, and non-toxic fashion & beauty.

We hire writers, researchers, and specialists in their fields to seek-out conscious companies that make serious efforts to integrate sustainable practices into their business philosophies. More than a holistic wellness magazine, AGB stands apart with high-end content: dynamic eco-fashion, innovative graphic design, landscape photography, and engaging interviews with healers, socially conscious
celebrities and experts all in one place.


 Outre Productions is a media company and lad formed by Mara Schiavetti and Michel Mazza.
A partnership began after several collaborating projects and realizing that their passion for moving images and compelling
stories were driving both of their careers on a parallel path.

The production company produces film, video and
photography content for brands and individuals.

 Photo credits

Top- photographer Jason Lasswell
Second- photographer Addie Juell
Third- photographer Shannon Greer
Bottom- Photographer Shannon Greer