As a certified Holistic Health coach my work is in guiding you to an emotionally well balanced lifestyle. I look at all aspects of your life and recommend ways to bring back a sense of joy and lightness.


It's a tough time for everyone at the moment, no matter your age or location the pandemic has touched all our lives. 

Some people have lost their jobs or had their hours reduced, others have had to move or downsize, or had family members and friends affected by Covid19. All these things can affect us emotionally and traumatically, making it difficult to compartmentalise and see clearly, in turn causing negative outcomes such as an unhealthy diet, self-esteem issues, or relationship problems all of which will circle back to an unbalanced emotional lifestyle. 

This vicious circle needs to be broken and healed with a step by step analysis, and a holistic approach to well being. My work consists of a program designed to look at all areas of a persons life and offer solutions in creating harmony and balance. This approach serves to bring awareness, a deep understanding and empowerment to each client.

The first session is a free consultation hour. During which we will discuss your health history and goals, which is completely confidential. Upon that assessment a plan will be proposed.

Each program is individually structured, specific to your issues, there is no one plan that fits all. ​It is a six-month plan with one session per fortnight (two sessions a month) where we will access your progress.


The fact that you have taken this first step means you are on your way to recovery and empowerment no matter your circumstance.

For more information, bookings and pricing please email: 

Certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition