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Fearless Expression

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Find your outlet for a healthy mind and spirit.

Painting and other art form transport one into a state that evades all time and space. One is unaware of their surroundings, the passage of time, and the physical body. The focus is on the process of creation: what colours to use, in what area, what brush stroke goes where, and what energy needs to express. The experience is transcendent. Great artists, chefs, and directors who create visionary art are usually prolific and can do little else than their passion demands. It usually becomes an addiction, but not in an adverse sense.

Photographer Jersey Walz. Designer Hazel Brown. Model Flynn.

Addiction, passion, and sensitivity all live in a marriage in the human soul, craving an outlet. If they can't manifest into the outside world, they will cause damage to the interior world of the psyche. I have seen too many people suffering from not having or finding that outlet. It stems from the cultural fear of taking the first step, a step into presumed embarrassment, humiliation, and ridicule from family and peers, and not understanding the concept of starting something new with no plan or direction. The unknown makes no sense to lineal thinkers without a strategic plan or outcome. It makes no sense for them to pursue a path into the unknown. Except the unknown, that's where the magic and wonder lie.

What one manifests in the everyday world, like the interior design of one's home and garden, the workspace, the car and the clothes that dictate what one wants the world to think of them, is all self-expression with a controlled paintbrush to reflect an illusionary environment. Does it express one's deepest desires, confusion, angst, desperation or self-worth? Sometimes, but mostly camouflaged, with detailed and measured ideals of perfection that can last generations.

The reason for the yearning to live an ideal life is one's way of avoiding pain and negative thoughts, so how does one avoid the pain of everyday life without the layers of commercially bought products that adorn homes, bodies and the planet at large? There are many modes of expression that at first may seem ludicrous, but more and more people of all ages and backgrounds are taking the first step into the abyss of letting go. Dancing, whether on your own, partnered or in a class, elevates the endorphins and transports one through music and movement. Cooking surrounds one with aromas and textures that encourages the mind and heart to sculpt plants into blooms that nourish the body and soul. Everyone can sing: singing can be a solo practice or group participation, allowing the lungs to fill with energy and express language of deep meaning. The list goes on: sculpture, photography, filmmaking, podcasts, gardening, circus training, poetry readings etc.

The strength it takes to step outside a comfort zone or stand apart for the first time can be daunting and debilitating, but great courage comes with profound rewards. If you seek a change, a shift for the better, or looking for the answers to heal your mind, body and soul, be fearless, be unique and show the world who you are.

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