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Allowing Yourself To Be Creative

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

It's a lockdown. It's weird, and confusing to know how to manage your time. Should one relax and meditate as much as possible? Should one be as productive as possible, and use the time to work on furthering careers? The answer is yes!

photographer - Shannon Greer. Stylist- Sabine Feuilolley.

You Are A Creator.

If you are reading this it's because you are a creative person, so there's a flow to you that others do not possess. The flow is your superpower, and unfortunately also your kryptonite. It's a way of being that allows energy and ideas to move through your body and mind, creating space, and allowing the subconscious to access abstract thoughts and ideas. But society most of the time works against this beautiful flow and wants to constrict and control it. It's a way to keep us living harmoniously, but it's mostly not great for creative souls. So our conditioning can play havoc on our sense of responsibility, structure and can create guilt. It's not that one needs to not think about income and the future, it's that there has to be a balance and that balance can tip daily from one attitude or feeling to another. One day there's a need to balance checkbooks, and the next there's a strong desire to draw or collage all day, and that's ok, it's more than ok, it means you're listening and respecting your feelings and allowing them to flow. You are self-nurturing. This is a fantastic state of being for anyone, not just creatives. So what's my point? Well, I'm here to let you know that the lockdown could be the perfect time to allow yourself to find different ways of accessing that flow. Personally, I like to control my environment and make plans for the day, the week, and that's about it. But when working with boundaries and limitations I find it's a place I thrive. In this case, it's created by social distancing and illustrated by the mere fact that I created this website and started a brand new blog. I can only do things that I love because it keeps me feeling happy, inspired, and alive. I also love sharing, helping, and giving back, so with all those things in mind I found an avenue in this blog to do the things I desire. I hope you find your bliss, and keep being creative.

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