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Skin Care Regimen for 60+

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

On most modeling assignments I'm asked what I use on my skin. Firstly I need to thank my ancestry for their genes, as I remember as a child and a teenager admiring my mum's and my aunt's flawless olive complexion. But there have been times in my life that I thought I didn't need to do much to maintain a healthy glow and small pores. Alas to my dismay, it wasn't the case. Whenever the mirror spoke the truth to me I could predict a concentrated skin rejuvenation project was to begin.

One thing I noticed is that eating meat weekly, especially chicken, (because when I do eat meat I eat fish or chicken), my pores grew larger. So it was obvious my diet needed looking into. I recall my complexion looked its best when I was eating mostly raw foods. Then I looked at my skincare products.

I invested in organic ingredients, and tested quite a few brands and focused on moisturising and pore reducing products. I found that clay, seaweed, and aloe were incredible food for my skin. I used a mask once a week, or as needed, and I saw an instant improvement. I also invested in a good cleanser and moisturiser. Being over 60, my ageing skin is dryer than it used to be so I found using a night cream during the day as well as at night worked wonders, and if I need to feed dry spots on my face or my body I use a heavy-duty cream.

Plant based skin care products

These are some of the products I have found to be my best allies. WELEDA body lotion is a light moisturiser, with a pure essential oils aroma that magically turns your bathroom into a spa. LAVERA's night cream with aloe and active enzymes is a lifesaver for my parched skin, and you can feel its tightening effects. I use it sparingly or lavish it on for a dewy glow. Masks from MAY LINDSTOM, LANINA and ADAMA are of various potency and results. MAY LINDSTROM's seaweed-based mask is fiercely strong, as it hardens it tingles with enzymes that cleanse and scrub the skin, I use this once a month. LAVINA is a gentle clay-based mask that moisturises and cleanses, I can use this weekly or bi-weekly. ADAMA is a clay-based mask that is superbly moisturising that I'm excited to use each week, or when needed. O-COSMEDICS is a tinted sunscreen with phyto-chemicals and active ingredients that I use as a foundation for light coverage. And WELEDA Skin Food is a potent and heavy cream for troubled areas.

For the over 60 silver generation, these are just some suggestions. It's a guide that may help you with brand choices, and for a structure to your regimen. Some of these products I bought in the US, and some in Australia, but regardless where you shop knowing that seaweed, clay and aloe are highly beneficial may be the assurance you need to continue on your own rejuvenation program.


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