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The Mindful Collective

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Do you notice that people around you are acting differently? And what about you? Do you feel that you are different than you were months ago? What has changed, how do you sound, how do you stand? These are some awareness questions that need to spring to mind in this pandemic era. We are not who we once were. We are all changed from being isolated from a void of human contact, being separated from loved ones and workmates for an inhumane amount of time.

I noticed that once the restrictions had lifted in Melbourne, people swarmed to the parks, beaches and pubs. They're longing to mix and connect with others was overwhelming. So does that mean that life is back to the way it was before? Or has something changed fundamentally at our core? And what would that be? For instance, in this last lockdown, I went through various stages, both emotional or intellectual. It seemed that with time on my own, I started to melt away a facade, an ego, and a stagnation. Each week I felt different within my body and my mind. I noticed how my diet changed, trying to keep on top of my weight and exercise regimen was making me think seriously about how I ate, at what time and the amount. I had to research what was beneficial for me and not follow a semi-mindless daily routine. After a while, my common sense kicked in big time, like seeing myself in a mirror that reflected the unshakable truth.

What I found in that mirror was life-changing and miraculous. I found me, I found my true spirit, and I saw a soul that is courageous, fearful, beautiful, flawed, sensitive, stubborn, adventurous, kind, silly, and independent, a person that I came to like. None of us is perfect and not ever meant to be. We are an evolving organism that has unlimited potential as a collective. Yes as a collective. Not alone, and that's why we are all suffering right now.

So how do we help ourselves and help others to fulfil this abundant potential? We open our hearts and minds, and explore our feelings to the suffering all around us, and give what we can to healing this glorious collective. Each person's path is different, with our unique purpose and desires, but there will always be a part deep inside that can help another find their way back to theirs. Be mindful and observant as Australia stands apart in its state of recovery that we are emerging from an unnatural state of endurance.

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