I was born in Melbourne to a large Italian immigrant family. I left Australia in 1990 to travel the world, returning in 2019. I was fortunate enough to have a career that afforded me the opportunities to meet incredible people and have exciting and memorable adventures. 

I started a career in Melbourne and then moved to Sydney as a hair and makeup artist for the fashion industry. In 2012, while living in New York City, I continued to work on a global scale working with supermodels, celebrities and artists. Along with that profession, I became certified as a Holistic Health Counsellor as my passion was always in a healthy mind, body, soul and planet. 

In 2014, I took my passion even further and published a website and print magazine called AGB/A Green Beauty, dedicated to sustainability, holistic health, eco-fashion and beauty. In 2019 I decided it was time to return to family and my place of birth. Along the way, I became enamoured with the art of performing. 


In 2019 my studies included: Baron Brown Acting Studio in Meisner technique ( LA), Howard Fines Studio, Nida, & 16th st. Acting Studio (Melbourne). Currently, I'm working as a model, actor, and a volunteer.