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Detox to Heal & Repair

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Having turned 63 this month I feel the need to defy time, so I'm plunging into the world of holistic rejuvenation with enthusiasm. It's taken a few years to be able to plan a proper detox. It used to be a regular annual, or bi-annual event where I would garner all my willpower to stop addictive behaviour, which included a ritual of a coffee or two per day, chocolate at least once a day, and then extra things like the occasional cocktail, chips, popcorn and so on. These are not required dietary foods to keeps us healthy, positive and well balanced, these are food drugs that make us feel good instantaneously, usually loaded with unhealthy fats and sugars.

Mara Schiavetti
Heal & Repair

Over the past few years, I've moved homes from the US to Australia, I've changed career paths and experienced a death of a close family member. It was a challenging few years, but also at the back of my mind I wanted to plan for a cleanse or detox, partly to regain some sense of control of my wellbeing, and to feel my body and mind in its natural state without the uppers and downers: Coffee and alcohol being uppers and popcorn and chips being downers. So now in 2021 I'm settled in a new home, building new opportunities, making new friends and so focusing my will on eliminating non-essential foods and drink from my diet is more conceivable.

Last week I stopped drinking a soy cappuccino every morning, stopped eating organic chocolate, and grains: which included bread and pasta. Instead I'm buying fruit and vegetables for smoothies and juices, eating beans for added protein, with superfoods like Maca powder, Spirulina, and MSM. And after only a week of juicing, steaming and baking vegetables, eating nuts and seeds, I've regained energy, feel lighter on my feet, my stomach is less bloated, and generally feel happier. Initially, some side effects included emotional sensitivity and moments of lethargy. I love the feeling of being in tune with the way my body feels. As I age, I want to be more aware of the limitation of my physical body. I found that amping it up with caffeine or sugars produced only short term results.

I don't know as yet how long my detox will continue, as I do think grains are essential, and also eating for fun, so I'll start to introduce grains slowly, and I might not be able to resist a soy cap forever, but these breaks from addictions have a positive self-empowering effect on the psyche. When considering a detox to reboot your system plan it as an event and let the people around you know. Like I said it's not forever, that wouldn't sustainable, but it does allow your body to be in its natural healing mode, which if practised twice or three times a year will culminate into some great self-awareness and healthy dietary habits.

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